• Deborah Shkodra

Content is king and context is its queen

I truly believe that content is the best way to market a product today. But we have to keep in mind the context. Provide value to consumers by creating helpful videos, new recipes or funny cartoons. My goal is to create meaningful content that builds up an emotional connection to the brand. Content that they will connect with. This will not only engage the customers, but it will also give them content to share with all their social friends. And this way, we can spread the word and the popularity of the brand naturally. This sounds like heaven to me. Give them something they actually want, because that content builds up the relationship that then allows you to ask for the sale later. Win Win.

To create content we need to keep in mind the customers needs and understand the context that resonates with them. That means we need to make sure we have a beautiful throne for the queen. The context has to stand out, be visible and helpful. Everyday. Six days is better than five days; Designing a lot of great content and building a strong community, which we not only have to engage, but also appreciate. This appreciation is shown by replying to the clients comments and having an online conversation, so that we can understand what they really need. Not by writing off your average standard manual which turns them away. This is the place where my empathy and awareness for your clients will make me a strong asset to you.

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