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My expertise and what it can do for you

Updated: Apr 23

Responding to the customers's needs and creating a powerful customer relationship is my specialty. Managing audience comments; engaging the crowd with inspiring news, social media partnerships with influencers and creating inspiring content that showcases the brand is ahead of the game. Here is a list of what I can do for you.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Verbal & Visual Communication

  • Web Design, Conception & Maintenance

  • ​Corporate Websites

  • Micro-Sites and Landing-Pages

  • Editorial support for social media and blogs

  • Direct Mail campaigns

  • Creation of Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Promotions, POS-measures, Give-aways

  • ​Corporate Publishing – Target group-oriented brochures, publications and documentations

  • ​​Blogger Events, Community Management, B2C. Implementing a complete concept of a social media strategy for the brand. Curating the design, look and feel, connecting brand audience, posting, hashtag families, flyers, advertising and analytics.

  • Relationship & Partnership Building

  • CRM Implementation & Management

  • Event Design and Event Management

  • New Business Development

  • Sales Pipelines & B2B Management

  • Creative Consulting and Brainstorming

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